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2017 Candidates for the Board of Directors


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Jeff Brown

I have lived in VillageWalk full time since moving here from Parsippany NJ in 2007. Since living here I have been involved in the Covenants Committee since its inception. I recently was a member of the ad hoc committee to review our community documents.  I also represent my neighbor Wahoo Drive as a street representative.

I received a B. S. Degree in business from West Virginia Wesleyan College. I also have my Community Association Manager license from the state of Florida since 2010.

I have managed in the service sector for 35 years, holding positions of District Manager at Friendly's Restaurants and as General manager with Starbucks. I am currently employed full time with Publix's

I gained my HOA experience while living in Parsippany. I served on my HOA board in Mt. Tabor for 22 years holding the positions of President, Secretary, and Treasure.  The board was responsible for the day to day operation through a managing superintend and clerk. During my service, I established a capitol fund to care for our 100-year-old historical buildings. I was proud that assessment fees remain constant and affordable by zero base budgeting, while still being able to improve community appearance and service for residents.

While residing in Parsippany I, had served on the local Zoning board, the Board of Education, and various leadership positions on the Parsippany Library Board of Trustee. In Bonita Springs I Chaired the Library Task force that reviewed our current library facilities, the relationship with the county, and the future needs of Bonita Springs. Our hard work was successful with the ground   breaking of a new Bonita Springs library scheduled this fall as the center piece of the down town revitalization.

I believe I can bring proven experience to the board and will work to continue to shape our community as a great place to live.

I am, running for the board to make sure the meetings are accessible to all residence and communication on policy and contracts are improved and that our management company is held accountable for the detail execution of all vendor contracts.   

I am available to answer any questions and concerns you may have.



Carl Cappadona


For those of you who may not know me, allow me to give you some highlights of my background:

  • I am a retired Certified Public Accountant with over forty years experience in the finance and accounting areas. My strengths are in financial reporting, management and control.
  • My last active position was as a partner with a large, national accounting firm.
  • I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Providence College, and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Fordham University. In addition, I am a Registered Investment Advisor.
  • Currently, I am the Treasurer of the VillageWalk Homeowner’s Association. In addition, I have been on a number of executive boards for different civic and religious organizations.
  • Previously, I was on the Board of Directors for my condo association on Sanibel Island for six years, as Treasurer and Chairman of the Finance Committee.

So why am I running for the Board of Directors again? To continue the positive initiatives your Board of Directors have instituted during the past two years and ensure the financial security of our community. On a personal level my wife Ann Marie and I have been residents of VillageWalk since early 2006. We truly like and support our community and want to see it continue to develop and succeed.

During the past eleven years I have been meaningfully involved in a number of Village Walk activities.

  • Treasurer and member of the Board of Directors.
  • Member and past chairman of the Finance Committee
  • Member of the Transition Committee
  • Founding member of the Men’s Coffee Club
  • Active supporter of the Social Activities program, plus the golf and bocce leagues.

Due to my role as your Treasurer and continuing involvement with the Finance Committee, they have provided me with an in depth knowledge of Village Walk, and the interaction of the various departments and committees. This exposure has provided me the insight necessary to ensure the successful integration of both the human and financial resources to achieve the efficient operation of the community.  Utilizing my financial and management background, I believe I can continue to serve the challenging needs of the community as a member of the Board of Directors.



David Mattucci

I am seeking a position on the Board of Directors for VillageWalk of Bonita Springs .

I am a Full Time resident of VillageWalk.

I have served as the President of the Board of Directors in a gated HOA in Ft. Myers for almost 2 years prior to moving to VillageWalk.  As an HOA president, I have extensive experience working with different management companies, contractors and venders as well as different personalities.   I have attended numerous community orientated in-service training programs, along with our property manager, which allowed me to become familiar with companies in our area and the services they perform for HOA’s.

My family and I consider VillageWalk to be the best community in which we have ever lived.  The people who live here are friendly and are involved in what is going on within our community.  I currently serve our community as a member of the Architectural

Control Committee.  These things have made me want to be more involved in the direction our community takes in the future and to help the community to progress into the 21st century, in other words to be more technologically advanced.

I am a retired Deputy Sheriff from Monroe County, New York.  I hold an Associate in Science Degree with a concentration in Criminal Justice from the State University of New York.  As a Deputy, I have experience working on Police Boats and Motorcycles as well as numerous plain clothes assignments and as a Crime Prevention Officer, both residential and commercial.  I was also a member of the Police Scuba Team.

Prior to becoming a Police Officer I worked for an inner-city ambulance service and held an E.M.T. certification.

I am a U.S. Army veteran. In the military I worked doing security for mobile nuclear missiles. 

Using all of my life experience, I want to help our community and make it even better.  I want to be a representative of the residents here and listen to your concerns.  Not just listen, but act.  It would be my pleasure to join our current board, who have worked hard to make this a premier community in SWFL.

Thanks for your consideration.



Rick Navin

Homeowner since June, 2011. Full time resident since August, 2013.


To seek an opportunity to serve on the VillageWalk HOA Board of Directors by offering tireless effort, sound advice, and effective direction.

VillageWalk Activities

VillageWalk is a great place to get involved or just sit back and relax. Some of the many activities I have enjoyed include:

-  Majority Rules Trivia  

-  Men’s Coffee

-  Golf

-  Tennis                                     

-  Dinner Dances

-  Pickleball                              

-  Bocce                                     

-  Comedy Nights

-  Assorted Lectures                 

-  Dining With Friends              

-  Water Aerobics

Village Walk Volunteering

Life for me would not be complete without the ability to give back to our community. Some activities I’ve helped with: making additional music CDs for water aerobics, increasing the access to our great tennis facilities by adding times for Open play, Trivia Sign Up, hosting 5 Trivias, and Majority Rules. None of these would have happened without working closely with many people, including other volunteers and our town management and staff.

Safety Committee Chairman

Our mission is to proactively investigate and analyze situations that could be a potential threat to our safety. Input from our residents is encouraged and necessary to help us fulfill our mission. I respond to every email. Our meetings are announced and open to everyone, with suggestions welcome from the community. We have worked closely with both the town management and made recommendations to the Board to greatly improve safety within VillageWalk.

Lee County volunteering

Since 2014, I have been a Court appointed children’s guardian/advocate (Guardian Ad Litem)

Dental Practice 1981- 2012 Princeton, NJ

I owned and managed a successful private solo practice. Interacting directly with my patients, I listened carefully to their problems and concerns, diagnosed their conditions and came up with solutions and options. I managed a large staff of employees and the business side of the practice.


Condominium Association Board of Directors 2001- 2006

Elected to my office complex’s Board of Directors, I served as treasurer during my 2 terms. We dealt with routine maintenance, landscaping, and a significant reserve fund set up to offset large capital repair/improvement projects. We also worked closely with an excellent property management company.


Montgomery Township Volunteer Fire Company   1986 – 2013

After the birth of the oldest of my 3 children, I became a member of our local volunteer fire department. Serving as their treasurer for 23 years, we oversaw a budget that grew to include a $ 1.5 million building expansion.



Bachelor of Science              

University of Michigan  1977

Doctor of Dental Medicine   

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey  1981


Why I am seeking your vote to represent you on our HOA Board of Directors?

Having attended every open Board meeting since late 2014 it is evident that our Board deals with many complex issues that require a great deal of time, effort and dedication to be the voice of the homeowners.  A Board member should also show a willingness to keep an open mind, listen to all points of view, and act in a compassionate and respectful way. Their goal should be to continue to grow and enhance this place we all call ‘home’.

I believe I possess and have demonstrated those qualities and look forward to serving you and our community. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Since there are only four Candidates, there will only be one Meet the Candidates Night and it is scheduled for Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Center.

Please submit any questions you may have for the Candidates to: vwcandidatequestion@gmail.com


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