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Meets on







24 hours

Fitness Center

Rose Costello 980-3352 Botrose@aol.com  

Fitness Personal Trainers

as arranged

as arranged

Fitness Center

Cardio and Strength Aerobics Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8:00 am Fitness Center   DVD tape, no charge

Muscle and Conditioning

Tuesdays &


4:00 pm Hibiscus Rose Costello 980-3352 Botrose@aol.com $5 per person advise if participating, pay instructor
Mat Pilates Wednesdays 6:30 pm Grand Cypress Mary Ann Sundin 495-3313. bring a mat, $6 per person advise if participating, pay instructor,
Yoga Monday & Thursday 6:00 p.m. Hibiscus Room Camille  mimilleyoga@yahoo.com $5 per class, pay instructor

Water Aerobics

Tuesdays & Thursdays  

9:00 am

Resort pool

Marita Flach 949-7203 mlflach@aol.com

no charge

Walking Club

Monday through, Friday 9:00 am Royal Palm   Walk the pounds away with this interactive DVD. Bring your weights, water and a sweat towel, free


Mondays Wednesdays & Fridays

10:00 am

Royal Palm




$7 per person, pay instructor


Fitness Center Personal Trainers

It is recommended that you consult your physician before starting any exercise program.  A medical check up and stress test prior to beginning a new program is also encouraged,  It is also highly recommended that you deign a work out program with a personal trainer.

Rose Costello: 980-3352 Botrose@aol.com

Rose has a Bachelor of Science degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Education from Pennsylvania State University  She also has a degree in Fitness and Nutrition  Rose has been teaching fitness classes in Bonita Springs, Naples and Sarasota for the last 22 years and has been involved in the set up and running of three country club fitness programs in the Bonita Springs, Sarasota and currently the Naples Area.

Fitness Center Weights

Please be courteous to our new weights and do NOT slam them down into the rack or the floor. Please return weights to the rack at a slow and controlled pace. When using the free weights, please do not slam them into the ground after your set is over, rather slowly place them down. We appreciate your help in keeping our weight room in tip top shape for years to come!

Kindly also check out the fitness center rules.

Fitness Center Equipment Orientation

Learn how to safely use the equipment at the fitness center.

date to be announced later

9:30 am

Fitness Center


Instructor Rose Costello 980-3352 Botrose@aol.com

Please call Rose Costello to make a reservation. Limit 10 individuals


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