Guard Gate


  • The gate officer is on site to provide access control, to observe and to report. The officer is instructed to not leave his post at the Guardhouse at any time during his watch. The guards are also instructed to not receive or accepted any packages for delivery or pick-up. The Association does not provide roving patrol guard. Therefore, in any emergency residents should NOT call the guardhouse for assistance. Owners should call 911 and report the nature of the emergency. The guards are trained to admit all emergency vehicles immediately when they arrive at the gate and provide directions as may be required.
  • Entry barcodes may be purchased at the Town Center office Residents must either come to the office and complete an information form to request barcodes or go to the Forms webpage, download the form and drop off the completed form at the Town Center reception window.
  • There is a $5.00 fee charged for each barcode to offset the cost of the decal and residents may have a maximum of four active barcodes at any time.