HOA Board of Directors

HOA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is charged with overseeing the community as specified in the VillageWalk Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. As such, the Board hires the Property Manager KW Property Management Compsny who in turn hires the Town Manager and staff.
The Board consists of five or more persons elected pursuant to the VillageWalk Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.
A more precise description of the committee is set out in the VillageWalk Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.

Matt Jacovelli
Board President
Elected to the Board in 2018, current term ends in 2020
email: mattjacovellivillagewalk@gmail.com
Matt’s diverse background includes commercial Helicopter pilot/flight instructor, 25 years of waste water treatment facility management and Sheriff aviation unit pilot/safety officer.  Matt has experience in residential and commercial construction, including large scale contracts and vendor negotiation, project management and oversight.  Matt is a full-time resident and was a member of the engineering and safety committees. He is presently a Board member of the Community Development District (CDD) of Village Walk.

Bruce Potterton
Board Vice President
Took on Vice President in 2019
email: brucepottertonvillagewalk@gmail.com
Potterton spent 45 years in the broadcast industry as Music Director, Program Director, Operations Manager, Manager of Network Developmentm Chief Engineer and Business Manager. As a Business Manager, he was responsible for budgeting, HR dept., Finance Dept., Purchasing Dept., Engineering and Facilities management for a radio station in a top 25 market. Other experiences include University instructor, treasurer for a professional broadcast association, Secretary of VillageWalk HOA and now Vice President.

Dr. Randy Van Alstine
Wife: Mary
Son: Jason
Grandsons: Will and Ben
Bachelor’s Degree:  Univ of Minnesota 1975
Doctor of Dental Surg: Univ of Minnesota 1978
Retired Dentist:  Decatur, IL.30 years
US Army Veteran: Served 1968-1970
Band Leader/Entertainer: 59 years
Former City Councilman: Decatur, IL.
Former HOA President:  9 years  Eagle Creek Country Club, Naples
email: randyvanalstinevillagewalk@gmail.com

Raymond Dobbins
Elected to the Board in 2019
Born in Brooklyn, New York, raised in Queens.
 “I believe in service to the community and giving back. Love the community and happy to serve. It is all about the community, not the individual.
email: raydobbinsvillagewalk@gmail.com

Robin Burke

Vice President

Email:  robinburkevillagewalk@gmail.com

Robin is a year-round resident and has happily lived here in VillageWalk since 2011.  Her education is a BS in Biology and MBA in General Business.  Her 32 years of employment at Kraft Foods/Oscar Mayer afforded her the opportunity to gain a diverse background in Procurement, Quality, Systems, Operations, Finance and Economics during her tenure there.  This cross-functional background has enabled her to make better decisions with an understanding of all sides of an issue.

Robin has volunteered throughout her time here in VillageWalk on the Contracts Transition Team, Activities Committee, Street Rep, VW CERT Team Co-Captain, and as 1st Vice President of the VillageWalk HOA in 2018.  During her one year as your board member, her notable achievements are contract negotiation and rollout oversight of Comcast fiber optic, implementation of ACC guidelines as ACC Board Liaison, refresh of pool and great room furniture as Design Committee Liaison, and Activities Committee Liaison.  She is an avid supporter and attendee at the multitude of activities afforded us as residents of VillageWalk.

Everyone who knows Robin knows how much she loves VillageWalk as she can’t imagine living anywhere else.  She values the thoughts and opinions of all of our residents.  While so much has been accomplished to upgrade our amenities, she believes we must be committed to keeping them fresh and appealing, while demonstrating diligence to our financial position.  She is committed to working together with the Board and residents to identify and accomplish the collective goals of the community in order to keep VillageWalk as the most desirable place to live.