Hurricane Emergency Kit

It pays to be prepared prior to the storm. Look at the list below and begin to stock up on supplies you may need should Bonita Springs experience a tropical storm or hurricane. Even during a tropical storm, we are often without electrical power for several days. Being prepared with items to help stay clean, hydrated, and fed can make all the difference in getting through the aftermath comfortably.

“Must haves” in your 7 Day ready-to-go emergency kit:

Drinking water – 7 Gallons/person

Non-perishable ready-to-eat-food (canned foods/milk, peanut butter, crackers, energy or granola bars, etc.)

1 manual can opener

Extra propane for your grill

Two week supply of medications (with list of dosage, amount, and doctors to contact for emergency medical treatment)

First aid kit, bug spray, sunscreen, baby or sanitary wipes

Flashlights (extra batteries)

Battery operated radio (extra batteries)

Auto Charger for your cellphone

Flashlight (extra batteries)

Cash/credit cards and important documents (Driver’s License, Social Security card, insurance policies, medical cards, etc) in sealed plastic bags to keep dry.

Extra bleach for disinfecting water.

Work or gardening gloves, sturdy shoes, hat.