Library and Computer Lab


  • At times, there will be classes held in the Library and Computer Lab, and at those times it will be closed to the public. Please consult the calendar so that you are aware and can plan according.
  • Every resident is required to sign in if they wish to use the computers. Please sign in under the proper time. The official clock is on the wall. Any resident who fails to sign in for a specific time will be removed from the computer when a resident with a reserved time arrives for his/her session, or when the next resident arrives to use the computer. If you do not sign up, you will be removed if others are waiting.
  • Each resident is allowed one hour of computer time. If no one is waiting, then residents are asked to sign in again when their time is up. Residents cannot sign up for two or three consecutive sessions. If there are residents waiting to use the computers, we ask that residents relinquish their computer when their allotted time is up.
  •  Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • No food or beverages are permitted in the Library and Computer Lab.
  • There will be a charge of 10 cents per page on all printed material, whether or not printing was intended. Please pay for printed material at the Town Center Manager’s office.
  • Residents using the computers are presumed to have knowledge of computers and the programs they contain. The staff will troubleshoot problems, and help out if necessary, especially concerning printing problems: however, staff is not available to teach programs nor computer knowledge on any structured level.