Men’s Coffee

Men’s Coffee

Welcome to the Men’s Coffee Group at VillageWalk of Bonita Springs, Florida. This group allows residents to share useful/helpful information to make their life in VillageWalk more enjoyable.

The Men’s Coffee Group meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 9:00 am in the Hibiscus Room at the Town Center.

History of Men’s Coffee

The Men’s Coffee Group was established in 2007 to:

  • Provide a forum in which residents (albeit primarily men) can socialize and meet new residents.
  • Provide a list of helpful hints / reliable professionals that can assist owners in addressing maintenance, health, legal and other issues.
  • Address rumors that inevitably spread quickly by getting the facts from, the Home Owners’ Association, Pulte Homes, elected officials, police officials, etc..
  • Provide speakers in season on topics of interest to the community.

There are very few clubs and groups which appeal to a cross-section of male residents and hence the Men’s Coffee Group fills a need.

In 2017, the Men’s Coffee Group transitioned to leadership by the Town Manager.


If you are an AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) member, you can discounts at Walgreens, Outback, Carrabbas, Denny’s, Papa Johns, McCormick & Schmick’s, Lens Crafters, Avis, Best Western, Regal Cinemas and more.  Visit for details

Accountant re Income Taxes / Tax Preparation
Victor Gedris, a resident on Jewel Fish, is a registered tax preparer 802-558-7548

ADT is the successor company to Brinks and Broadview Security.  Your Home Owner’s Association fees cover basic services, although these basic services are limited in the newer construction areas. For your protection, if anyone visits you to talk about the system or service, ask for identification as they do not send representatives without proper ID. The website address is ADT has a special number for HOA systems 800-878-7806

Air Conditioning
One of the most common (and inexpensive) repairs is to replace the capacitor; so be sure that your air conditioning technician tries that first before suggesting more extensive repairs. Many have said that in Florida that some air conditioning repair firms reward their technician for upselling so be skeptical when assessing a repair recommendation.
DiVosta contractors advise homeowners to use the simplest (and cheapest) air filter so as not to impede air flow / overwork the air conditioner motor.

Check for faulty wiring in the air conditioning unit inside the house.

Air conditioning is typically set at 78 to 80 degrees or 60% humidity when the resident is away. Many leave their ceiling fans on.

Air Conditioning Service

  • Air Conditioning by Commercial 239-566-3999
  • B & B Cool Air 239-369-4114 Mathew Borek
  • Conditioned Air, 239-643-2445 has been in business a long time; staff are not commissioned, widely used.
  • Cool Air 275-7077 offers a $39 system checkout, but personnel work on commission and may try to upsell.
  • Kool Team, 239-398-1683 founded by former DiVosta installers; staff are not commissioned.
  • Posetek Services 239-590-9829 widely used
  • General Air & Plumbing 239-591-2909

Animal Issues
Wildlife issues can be addressed by calling:

  • Bobby’s Wildlife Removal 340-3882
  • Lee County (domestic animals) 432-2083
  • Wildlife Conservatory (alligators over 4′) 866-392-4286

Appliance Warranty Service

  • Broward Appliance Services – tends to try to up sell services
  • Home Tech – appears to be one of the best
  • Posetek Services 239-590-9829
  • Service America – tends to try to up sell services

ATVs / Trespassing

Frank Kearney reported on his meeting with Lieutenant Traci Sonier of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. The former Ronto land is now owned by the Foley Group who have postied the property as No Trespassing; this will allow the police to enforce the ATV laws on the property to the east of VillageWalk.

Auto Repair

  • AAMCO Transmission Naples – our coffee sponsor, 239-262-7109 e-mail
  • Rick Johnson Service Center (Goodyear) on the right hand side of Bonita Beach Road
  • Dan’s Auto 239-498-6479 by the race track off Bonita Beach Road
  • Lexpert Automotive, Works only on Lexus and Toyota, Shariff Hassan – Owner-Operator, 1495 Rail Head Boulevard, Unit 9, Naples Info@LexpertA

Barbers / Hair Stylist

  • Judit Popelka, About Face Hair Salon, 3401 Bonita Beach Road unit 105 949-230-5244
  • Big League Barber Shop 11100 Bonita Beach Road 239-301-0165
  • Donna’s Barber Shop, 7794 Old 41 Road, 239-498-2395
  • John’s Barber and Beauty Shop 4635 Bonita Beach Road 239-947-4122
  • Makin’ the Cut 26455 Old 41 Road 239-221-7541 (Hawthorne Shopping Centre)
  • Mr T’s Modern Barber Shop 4415 Bonita Beach Road SW 239-498-9195
  • Paul’s Barbershop 26880 Old 41 Road 239-949-1669 (VW resident)

Bonita Beach Road

The speed limit on our portion of Bonita Beach Road was raised to 45 mph in 2010 when double laning was introduced. There is a 10 foot strip of land north of Bonita Beach Road owned by the Community Development District which effectively precludes development of the land..

Dead Animals / Garbage on Bonita Beach Road
Call the City of Bonita Springs or the County to remove garbage bags, dead animals, etc along Bonita Beach Road.
Bill Lonkart, Bonita Springs Councillor, District 6 239-949-6262
Larry Kiker, Lee County Commissioner, District 3 239-533-2223

Carl Schwing, Bonita Springs City Manager 239-949-6232
Doug Meurer, Lee County Manager 239-533-2221

Businesses Owned / Managed by Residents

Many businesses owned or managed by residents are advertised by means of business cards on display in the Post Office.  Alternatively, a list of these business can be found on a separate webpage.
Cable TV modem

The cable companies charge monthly rental fee (about $7) for their modems. Here is a link to DOCSIS compatible cable modems available on Amazon, Best Buy and other retail sites for cable subscribers who wish to have their own modem. The most popular choice (on Amazon and elsewhere) looks to be Motorola Surfboard SB6121 3.0 or SB6141. SB6121 3.0 is about $75 (without telephone connection). This may be interesting for those members who wish to have more control over their digital destiny. See  The Board of Directors is looking at the benefits of bulk buying this service.
Cage Protection in Hurricanes

Pull spline out when a hurricane is imminent – better than cutting screens. Screen repair Shane Prossor 239-994-7004
Canadians – immigration / income tax issues

See the Canadians web page

Angela’s Marble and Tile 1971 Dana Drive, Fort Myers, 239-489-2444

Nick Callichio 239-989 8781 a former cabinet installer for Pulte

Diamond Glass lanai sliding glass door repair 239-334-7008

Elegant Tile and Marble (tile and marble work, floor, etc).239-825-1792 Euro Trim, kitchen work 239-297-9716 Euro-Trim crown moldings 17200 Primavera Circle Cape Coral 239-574-6646
Goodwin Electric chandelier Installation (not cheap, but did a good job) 239-498-8889
Dennis Klemencic 209-4488 e-mail Devin O’Donneell Doors repairs to doors and door closures 239-939-0083 Carlos Ortiz 239-537-8891 e-mail
Set In Stone Mark Hayton (counter tops in granite) 2090 J & C Blvd (off Airport Pulling), Naples 239-566-8830
Caterers for Street Parties
Big Poppa’s Country Kitchen, 2731 2nd Street NE, Naples 239-240-5961
Railhead Cafe 239-221-7093

Southern Accents Catering, Estero 239-415-5841


Lowell Kuntz reported that tinted caulk can be obtained from Sherwin Williams in Sarasota. Their telephone is (941) 924-1174
Cell Phone Coverage
Cell phone reception may improve for Verizon customers if you enter *228 and follow the instructions. One member suggested that AT&T was the best carrier in the area. Another mentioned that he had installed a $145 repeater manufactured by Sprint Airway. Another purchased a Microcell repeater.Frank Kearney spoke with the A T & T office at the Bonita Grande Plaza: he said that reception was a problem because the nearest A T & T towers were in Ava Maria and at Bonita Beach Road and Highway 41. A T & T sells a repeater as well as an internet based antenna. The local manager encouraged members to compain directly to the head office as he is powerless to change things. Several residents got extra equipent for free when they complained to their carrier.
CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)

details to be provided
Channel 95

Channel 95 is our community channel available to Comcast customers in VillageWalk.  Past reception problems have been addressed and a fibre optics cable installed to the Town Center.
Comcast reception

Comcast reception has generally improved in recent months. At ne time it was a huge issue, especially as Comcast Customer Service was understaffed.  If you have a problem, contact Comcast Customer Service
Comcast Digital Conversion
The conversion date for digital conversion has finallt been completed. Melissa Mercer, the manager of the conversion at Comcast announced that the residents of Village Walk can now have 6 (not 3) adapters or a total of 6 set-top boxes. If you already have a set-top box you will not have to replace it. There will be little or no change for those that have a set-top box. The impact will be for those that are not using any set top now. All TV sets that do not currently use a set-top box will need a digital adapter box to receive channels above 36. (Another document from ComCast now says above channel 27). If your TV is an older model and does not have a built-in digital decoder (QAM or Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) you will need the adapter for all the channels you now receive. The newer HDTV set can watch all channels below 37 (28?) without an adapter but still need the adapter for all above 36 (27?). Comcast has now said that shortly all channels will be scrambles so you will need some kind of a box to view any channel. For those that have HDTV and wide screens (16 x 9 ratio) ComCast is not doing you any favors. The adapters look to be designed for old analog tube TV’s with the standard screen size (4 x 3 ratio). The adapter output is an analog signal with 4 x 3 screen ratio. If you are now viewing HD sub-channels (2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1) those are gone with the adapter. On a wide screen TV the picture will be narrower on the sides. I plan to use the adapter on my VCR and not my HDTV. I was told that the sub-channels would be on the lower 36 channels. Also, I will have to get something for my wall power outlet to let me plug in three cords (the adapter has its own transformer). There is no on/off switch or remote button for the adapter. It is always on and it does not passthrough the TV signal if unplugged. You can order the adapters over the phone 239-793-3577, 239-432-9277 or go to the local office and pick them up. Once you have the adapters you can activate them now by calling Comcast or log into your account after you have the serial numbers off the boxes. With the adapter you will be able to view 9 or so new channels (OWN, TCM, SPEED, STYLE, VRSUS and others). You do not need to wait for the conversion to start using the adapters and seeing the new channels. The adapter has its own remote. When using the adapter your TV or recorder must be on channel 3 (or 4) since the adapter selects the channel. Comcast will mail out the adapter (call 239-432-9277 for the boxes). As an owner in VillageWalk you already have an account with Comcast. Use your home address to place the order. If you use ComCast for Internet there will be no change.The instruction that comes with the adapter.s remote has only setup codes for TV’s, none for any VCR. Go to this site for a wiring diagram of using a splitter and an AB box. Substitute the adapter for the cable box. (Thanks to Steve Lucas)
Click on the words in blue to see notes from Don Dailey on ComCast digital conversion
Community Development District

There have been a number of questions about the roads within and in front of the community and the role of the Community Development District (CDD). The following is based on conversations with the CDD and DiVosta / Pulte. The CDD for Village Walk of Bonita Springs issued two bonds, Series 2005 for approximately $6,505,000 and Series 2007 for approximately $9,805,000, both mature in 30 years and are subject to a 10 year “call period”. The funds raised were used for the construction of the storm water drainage system [including storm sewers, lakes, retention ponds and raising the level of the roads and pads on which the houses are located]. The CDD did not pay for any roads within or outside Village Walk of Bonita Springs; DiVosta paid for the construction of the roads within the walls of the community. DiVosta transferred to the CDD the land under Bonita Beach Road and the possible road on the west of VillageWalk [Logan Boulevard extension, tentatively to be named Bella Road], There is a CDD mainteance component on your tax bill which pertains to the ongoing maintenance of the storm water drainage system. The legislative mandate of the CDD when it comes to maintenance is quite narrow and pertains only to the storm water drainage system. The maintenance for the gated access infrastructure and irrigation system is a Home Owners Association responsibility. Typically the storm water drainage system has a 30 year life and requires about $20,000 of maintenance per year. The annual Lee County tax bill contains two CDD components; one is for the bond payment and the second is for the annual Operations & Maintenance assessment. The bond assessment changes minutely each year similar to a home mortgage payment, the Operations and Maintence component includes maintenance funds for minimal lake maintenance and a host of operational costs, i.e. audit fees, printing, district attorney, district engineer, district manager, postage, insurance, trustee fees and administrative costs. The Operations and Maintenance fee is the same for all units no matter what type, approximately $61 per home.
The CDD is managed by a five person board of supervisors which initially consisted of DiVosta employees and will consist entrely of elected homeowners by the end of 2016. The CDD is governed by Chapter 190 of the Florida Statutes; it is a governmental entity. All Florida government rules apply; as such the CDD can be sued, however, it is protected by State rights and sovereign immunity that basically dictates limits a government agency can be sued for as specified by state statute. This has certain advantages as the Homeowners’ Association can be sued without these limitations.
The CDD meets on the second Friday of each month at 3:00 pm in the Town Center. If there is no business, the meeting is cancelled, but all meetings are open to residents. Our Homeowners Association can advise when a meeting will take place
VillageWalk of Bonita Springs lies on Section 3 of southeast Lee County and is roughly one square mile in dimension. The northern boundary of the property is generally along the telephone line on the north side of Bonita Beach Road. Individual residents own the lot [land] on which their home sits, the CDD owns the land under the lakes and storm water drainage system and the land under Bonita Beach Road and the possible road on the west of VillageWalk [Logan Boulevard extension], the Homeowners’ Association owns much of the common area and the roadways inside the complex that have been developed. At the time of build-out, DiVosta transferred all of the common areas and roadways to the Homeowners’ Association.
The previous land owner to the east of VillageWalk (a part of the Ronto Group) placed an easement across the northern boundary of Section 3 to allow access to the two sections east of VillageWalk. That land owner was also required to build and maintain the roadway that now lies in front of VillageWalk. Lee County does not have an obligation to take ownership of, nor maintain this roadway. Although the roadway lies on land owned by the CDD, it is maintained by successors of the previous land owner, who we believe to be at this time, Bonita Beach Road, LLC. This roadway was built in accordance with the standards of Lee County Department of Transportation and has a certificate of compliance to that effect. In general, Lee County and the City of Bonita Springs resist attempts to assume new responsibilities for road maintenance. At present Bonita Beach Road LLC is responsible for maintaining the road in front of VillageWalk of Bonita Springs, even though significant development has yet to take place to the east of the VillageWalk of Bonita Springs.
Construction Gate
Concerns over the construction gate have been raised for many years.  Pulte has the right to have a construction gate until the last house is built. At present, the construction gate is not open on Sundays or after work hours on other days. Some residents and ATV operators leave via the construction gate in violation of community rules. Shortly, the construction gate will be permanently closed (before December 31, 2015). It cannot be used as a second exit going forward as it would violate City / County regulations over setback from the road.
Digital TV reception
Steve Lucas built a digital receiver and the TV found 14 digital stations; Check out
Divosta Contractors

Premier Electric at 239-598-2000

Cape Coral Plumbing at 239-693-4714

Conditioned Air at 239-277-7877

Diamond Glass at 239-334-7008 (sliding glass doros)


General Practioners
Patricia Alessi 239-992-5444 9400 Bonita Beach Road, Suite 1, just before Ace Hardware
General Practioner not recommended Dr Bruce Bridewell

Bonita Community Health Center – Urgent Care, 239-949-1050 3501 Health Center Boulevard, Bonita Springs
Dr Gregory Leach, 239-566-7676 Suite 1250 / 2171 Pine Ridge Road at Goodlette Frank Roads, Naples
Dr Charles Kilo, (Doreen Kasserio, Nurse Practitioner) 239-263-6062 4685 Tamiami Trail South, Suite 400, south of Pine Ridge
Doctors at Physicians Regional Pine Ridge, specifically Family Practice / Internal Medicine – Ketan Trivedi 239-348 4400 Appointments can be made on line as well at the web site

Dr Bohn 239-847-3330 27970 Crown Lake Blvd, Suite 1, Bonita Springs at 41

Dr Edward O`Neill 16517 Vanderbilt Drive, Suite 1, Bonita Springs

Dr Deborah Fett, 239-949-2366 9250 Corkscrew, Estero
Dr David Goodman 239-598-4004 9125 Corsea del Fontana Way Naples
Rebecca Lambert The Woodruff Institute 239-596-9337 2235 Venetian Court, Suite 1 Naples

Dr Morris Lipnik239-594-9075 11181 Health Park Blvd Suite 2280 Naples

Riverchase Dermatology, Andre Jaffe (surgeon) and Kimberley Davidson, 239-596-9075 1015 Crosspointe Drive Naples
Doctors at Physicians Regional Pine Ridge, specifically Robert Tomsick 239-348 4325: Appointments can be made on line as well at the web site

Other Specialists
Ankle and Foot – Dr Constantine Barbounis 239-947-5300 9411 Fountain Medical Center suite E 101 Audiology – Hoglund Family Hearing and Audiology Center (John and Patricia),Fifteen 8th Street, Ste B (Next to Royal Scoop Icecream 239-498-7142

Cardiovascular – Dr Kathleen Galatro 239-348-4153 6101 Pine Ridge Road Naples
Cardiologist – Dr Sajan Rao 239-261-2000 Swift Institute 625 Tamiami Trial North Suite 201 Naples

Ear Nose and Throat – Doctors at Physicians Regional Pine Ridge, specifically James Hadley 239-947 4557 Appointments can be made on line as well at the web site
Ear Nose and Throat – Dr Mark Montgomery, 239-495-6200 9240 Bonita Beach Road,

Gastroenterology – GGN Gastroenterology Group 239-947-4700 9776 Bonita Beach Road Bonita Springs,
Internal Medicine – Dr George Crabb 239-495-4509 NCH Healthcare Group 9410 Fountain Medical Center Suite A 200 Bonita Springs

Orthopedics – Dr Jon Dounchis 239-434-5700 NCH 130 Tamiami Trlal North Suite 230 Naples
Internal Medicine – Dr Giuseppe Guaitoli, 9776 Bonita Beach Road 239-947-4822

Internal Medicine – Dr Nena Korunda239- 431-6464 4513 Executive Drive Naples
Internal Medicine – Dr Shawn Miller, 9400 Bonita Beach Road SE, Suite 101

Neurology – Dr Joseph Kandel, 239-594-8306 8877 111th Avenue North, Suite 1, Naples

Orthopaedics – Joint Replacement – Dr Jon Douncis 239-434 5700

Orthopaedic and Hand Surgery – Herbert S. Gates lll, Orthopaedics – Gulfcoast Orthopaedic Specialists, 681 Goodlette Road, Suite 220 239-263-4511

Orthopaedic Surgery – Dr. Steven Goldberg, 6101 Pine Ridge Road, 3rd Floor, Naples 239-348-4253 Urologist –

Orthopaedic Surgery – Dr Earl Gurevitch, 495-3800 26800 Tamiami Trail South Bonita Springs
Podiatry – Dr Christopher Paladino 239-496-1176 28089 Vanderbilt Drive (near corner with Bonita Beach Road

Podiatrist – Dr.Christopher Paladino Foot and Ankle Care Center 28089 Vanderbilt Drive Suite 104 239-498-1176
Podiatrist – Dr, Gordon Kleinpell Southwest Floria Foot and Ankle Specialists 9411 Fountain Medical Center Suite E101 239-947-5300
Pulmonary – Dr Mitchell L. Petusevsky, 239-263-8385 9550 Bonita Beach Road suite 108B 2
Rheumatology – Dr Allan Goodwin 239-348-4048 6101 Pine Ridge Road Naples
Urologist – Dr Jonathan Jay, 239-495-3000 28930 Trails Edge Blvd Bonita Springs
Bonita Dental Care, Dr Wallace They offer In-House Insurance. That would be worth checking into for anyone without coverage.

Dr Toniann Conte 239-947-6646 8899 Timberwilde Drive Unit 1 Bonita Springs
Dr Victor Grasso 239-597-4902 5811 Pelican Bay Blvd Suite 103 Naples
Dr Nicholas Marciano 239-947-6610, Bonita Springs
Dr Brian Olitsky 239-992-9929 24840 S. Tamiami Trail, Suite 3 Bonita Springs

Eyes / Optometrist / Opthamology
Ophthalmology – Dr Rachid Aouchiche 239-498-7666, Bonita Springs
Bascom Palmer Eye Institute 239-659-3937 311 9th Street North Naples

Ophthalmology – Dr George Corrent, MD PhD, 239-659-3937, Naples

Ophthalmologists – Montgomery Eye Clinic, 700 Neapolitan Way, Naples 239-261-8383, but not Jon Berlie

Retina, Macular Degeneration – Dr Saurabh Patel, 239-390-3339, Bonita Springs
Optometrist – Dr Carlos Sandchez, Lens Crafters Coconut Point 239-992-7711

Retina Dr Ashish Sharma 239-939-4323 Retina Consultants Southwest Florida 6901 International Center Blvd Fort Myers

Find a Doctor
Check out “Find a Doctor” at

One of the most common (and emotional) issues centers on dogs (36% of the US households own a dog, 30% own a cat). All dogs and cats must be on a lease when outside the home and owners are required to pick up after their pets. Bags to pick up droppings can be found on some of the major paths, but owners should always carry their own bags. In several situations, the Board of Directors has had to insist that a dog be removed from the complex because of aggressive tendancies.

In addition to Homeowner requirements, Lee County regulations also apply to pets in VillageWalk
Door Closures / Front Door
Lanai sliding glass door repair Diamond Glass 334-7008
Devin O’Donneell Doors repairs to doors and door closures 939-0083
Joe Pfeffer screen doors Pfeffers Contracting 1912 SE 36th Terrace, Cape Coral 239-549-5735 mobile: 239-910-4226 866-245-6136
The Aluminum Store, 5475 Shirley Street, Naples 597-1226 parts for screen doors

Door Windows

A number of Capri homeowners have cut out a portion of their front door and installed a 5 foot high duble pane window. While this may weaken the door in a hurricane, it has brightened the hallway in a Capri. A number of owners have used Glass Design 7857 Drew Circle #9 Ft Myers (off Alico)  239-437-4100
Drug Stores / Pharmaceuticals

AAA members can get pharmacy discounts at Publix, Walgreens, CVS and others. AARP members can get pharmacy discounts at Walgreens. Publix provides certain antibiotics at no charge.
Drywall (Chinese)

Pulte / DiVosta has researched their past purchases of drywall and, to the best of their knowledge, have never been supplied with “Chinese” drywall.
Education Courses

Florida Gulf Coast University in Estero runs the Rennaisance Academy which offers over 600 non credit 3 hour interest courses. A course catalog is available in January or on line

Tim Foley 239-592-5304 Daniel Husty 239-560-4201
Manatee Electric (Jim Lukacs 456-6687)

Jerry Maraz 596 8900 or 440 759 2890 (cell) – resident

Lewis Matta, LMG Services 239-249-4181
Elevation Above Sea Level

Information on valuation, elevations, etc. can be found at  In general, the lake high level is 13.5 feet above sea level, storm drain / street level is 16.5 feet and homes are at 18 feet above the 100 year flood level.

Earl presented the results of a meeting he attended at San Remo on the flooding that occurred earlier this year.  The County is rewriting its plan (last done in 1980) with regard to water retention, this should be done early next year.  Earl showed a map identifying the high water areas.  Our community should not be a problem because of our retention ponds  (lakes).  Any new developments will need to put in substantial retention areas. See also Recharge Wells for Lakes and Lake Levels
Floorz 4350 Colonial Blvd, Fort Myers 239-278-5522
Wooden floors Jerry Tieben. 287-5141
Florida Power and Light possible cost savings:

To request a reduction in monthly charges using the PFL program identified as “On Call”, you must call the phone number 1-800-232-2050. The program involves FPL having the ability to draw on electricity designated for your home during one 4 hour time periods in 24 hours. The program involves (1) your hot water heater, (2) pool pump and (3) . The saving if involved in the program could be as high as $11.00/month.
Florida Residency
The best way to get information is to go to one of the free seminars. To be eligible to vote, VillageWalk residents must have registered to vote in Lee County. Voter registration can be made with the Supervisor of Elections at: 2480 Thompson Street Ft Myers 239-533-8683 or 24851 Old US 41 Suite 10 Coconut Commerce centre 239-949-1581 Naturally, you can only be registered to vote in one state and county. Residents can vote in Precinct 149 at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church located at 9801 Bonita Beach Rd, Bonita Springs (head west on Bonita Beach Road the church is on the South side of the Road beyond Old 41).

Foreclosure information can be accessed at:  thanks Jim or, per Don, there are two web sites that I used pick database search and click “I Agree” Then under “real property browse”, enter street address and zip code, then click search at the bottom of the page.  The return is a range of addresses starting with the address entered showing the STRAP, address and owner’s name. also clicking on the detail tag will show the sale price and the last assessed price. The owner’s name will be used in the next web page Enter last name, space, and first name (last name only will also work but you can get more unrelated results).Changing document type to LI,LP narrows the search to liens and “lis pendens”. After the date range to June 2006 also gives a realistic start date.  Under Florida law, a bank is required to pay H.O.A. Fees, up to one year’s maintenance fees or 1% of mortgage, whichever is less; however, if the bank does not follow every step correctly, they have to pay all arrears.
Furniture Repair and Refinishing
Jim O’Shea, 239-674-9745
Upholstery/ Wood /Leather Robert Adams 239-989-3759 Excellent work. Acts like an artist when doing repairs robertadams1tech@gmail,com robertadams1tech@gmail,com robertadams1tech@gmail,com

Garage Door Lubrication
The following information concerning garage door maintenance was provided by Dave Varano of AAMCO Naples
Springs last 5-8 years. Lubricate every 6 months and do not use anything oil based. Lubricate
– springs
– small wheels
– large wheels at the end of the rod where spring sits
– rail the small wheels roll in
– facing plate, next to rail attached to garage
Do not spray chain. On top of the motor is a fitting with cap that has grease in it
Garage Door Springs
Naples Overhead Door is an excellent supplier. If your garage motor is struggling to open the door, the springs may need tightening. DO NOT do this yourself as the springs are quite dangerous to adjust unless you are experienced. The goal is to adjust the springs to offset the garage door weight, making it easy for the motor to lift / close the door.
Garage Door Stains

Black stained strip down your garage door? Garage Doors of Naples states this is most likely from grease overrun used in the lifting mechanism of the door. As the door goes up and down the mechanism puts pressure of the casing, squeezing some grease out and onto the garage door. It can be removed with a degreasing soap. If the strip of grease/dirt reappears after cleaning, your door may need to be adjusted.
Gas Pricing

The price of gas is calculated at cost FOB Port Everglades (71%), plus freight (about 2%), plus taxes (23%), plus credit card fees of 7 cents, 2 cents to Railhead Cafe for management of problems and cash transactions(1%) and 2 cents to the Homeowners’ Association for repairs and maintenance of the equipment. In essence, gas is sold at cost which can be above or below the competitive market price.  The price is adjusted (calculated) after each tanker truck delivery. In times of volatile gas prices the Town Center price can be either highly competitive or over market.
Gate Security /G4S / Wachenhutt
Vince discussed the recent meeting with G4S (the newe name forWackenhutt) and the review of gate security. He indicated that security was good, but that there needed to be better communication from Railhead Cafe to the gatehouse (which has been addressed now). All unknown visitors have their identity checked at the gate and are checked to the permanent guest list or the day visitor sheet; otherwise the owner being visited or Town Center business is called for clearance.

Several members have installed generators, some using the dryer power connection to input generated power.  Be sure to isolate your home from the power grid if using a generator.
GE Refrigerators

Mold in the ice maker may be due to frost buildup around the flapper – clean the flapper, use bleach or replace the flapper.  To optimize refrigerator performance, clean the refrigerator coils found on the bottom of the refrigerator.  If the water line freezes, use a hair dryer or open and turn off the freezer Dale Debeljak, 15410 Trevally 303-903-4424, is offering to help any one who may have a problem with a malfunctioning ice door on their refrigerator.  Typically the door will not fully shut.
Glass Lanai Door

Many owners have augmented the locks on their lanai doors to address the possibility that they can be lifted off the track and then opened. Some owners use wood pieces to prevent the door from sliding open.  Others have used a variety of plunger type stoppers to prevent movement – Dennis Smiertka 28269 Islet Trail 239-919-0554 has installed a number of these.
Gun Range

While much of the land on the north side of Bonita Beach Road is owned by Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) some privately owned properties exist.  A few of these are used as gun ranges.  On one occcasion a stray bullet from one property hit a house on Sea Star.  THe front wall and associated landscaping were installed early to reduce the chances of a reoccurrence. The police have investigated (and spoken at Men`s Coffee) but can do little if the gun firing occurs on private land.  In general, SWFWMD tries to buy properties in this area to add them to their water management holdings (they typically have to find and remove all the spent bullets).

Ken Beach 239-860-8474
Edward’s Handyman 239-313-1585
Charles W Glenk 239-949-7038
Jesus Gonzales, JG Handyman, License 1203484 239-935-9773
Gutters – Total Comfort Installations – Ivan – 239-652-9905
Carlos Ortiz 239-537-8891 e-mail
Ray 28612 Wahoo Drive 239-908-7725
Ron Setera 508-241-9453

Dennis Smiertka 28269 Islet Trail 239-919-0554
Jim Stoke 239-671-7253

Frank Tona 716-523-0381 e-mail

Home Inspection
Adam Dalton AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service 239-277-7380 e-mail

Home Insurance

Some found St Johns Insurance was cheaper than American Strategic (through Westwood, a DiVosta affiliate) It was difficult to compare insurance costs because of deductibles, cages, models, etc.  Generally a Capri cost 1,000 to $1,600 per year and an Oakmont $1,250 and up.  It will be best to compare actual policies for owners of the same type of home.  Be sure that your home is insured for total replacement cost.  St John’s insures cages. Royal Palm excludes cages.  Some members have stopped in to see an agent (Andy Koehneke) located in the Publix mall at Bonita Grande and Bonita Beach Roads.  Most members have flood insurance to cover surface water intrusion. despite being 18 feet above sea level. One member had a quote from Westwood for an Oakmont for $1150.  One member called AAA Inurance in Naples who came in at $886.  And that’s through the same insurance company American Strategic Insurance. Andy Koehneke and Michael Bonnough from the Allstate Agency near Publix talked about homeowners insurance and the impact of State Farm leaving the state of Florida.  They also discussed whether you need flood insurance, liability insurance and how to determine  valuations in these economic times. Home insurance does not included flood insurance: 75% of attendees have flood insurance.  VillageWalk is in flood zone X, the lowest risk zone, but 30% of Florida’s claims are from flood zone X. Valuations are based on replacement cost excluding land, not market value. Getting hooked up to the fire station (cost around $25) can save $50 or more in annual premiums.
Home Owners’ Association Fees

See the Finance web page
Home Watch

See the website
Chuck and Mary Catanzaro 239-353-0388
Adam Dalton 239-860-2323 e-mail

Michael DeVolder 28898 Vermillion Lane 239-370-4444 e-mail
Jill and Rob Glessner, Village Walk Home Watch, 15012 Blue Marlin Terrace, mobile number is 239-913-9430 e-mail

Fred Hawkins 15417 Queen Angel Way 978-761-8791 e-mail
Bob Sonner Home Watch, Inc., 28152 Herring Way 239-498-1386

Ray’s Home Maintence & Pressure Washing,.28612 Wahoo Drive 239-908-7725 raymond leonard
Home Closing Checklist

The attached PDF checklist was prepared by the group
Hurrican Shutters
Installation Steve Baptiste City Property Services 239-465-1565
Sales Willard Shutters 239-435-1170 3742 Arnold Avenue Naples
Sales (accordion) Storm Secure Shutters 239-594-1234
Metal Accord Ian Shutters Alufab USA, Jack Lengel. 239-784 6504
Storm Secure Shutters, 239-594-1234
Plastic fabric roll down, Storm Smart, Don Dieringer, 239 229 1476

Look into getting both home and flood insurance as they are mutually exclusive – see Home Insurance.

You may also want to check your liability coverage to ensure that your home and car are adequately covered while in Florida.

Check car insurance coverage especially when it comes to uninsured drivers.

And be sure that you have adequate coverage for health matters as Florida is an expensive state for medical issues.
Income Taxes

If you are a bona fide resident of Florida, you pay no state income tax.  You do pay property and salles taxes and estate taxes at death for property in the state.  If you are a resident elsewhere you pay income tax in your state of residence, property and sales taxes in Florida and estae taxes at death for property in Florida. Consult your accountant and lawyer to understand these issues better.
Insects / Millipedes / Ants

A committee within the Homeowners Association is looking into the millipede control issue, which is getting worse. Millipedes can be somewhat controlled withh Bayer Complete Insect Killer, a granual product.
Fire Ants can be eliminated by pouring 2 cups of club soda directly in the center of a fire ant mound

Toro (available at Ace Hardware is a great ant bait.for ghost ants, aka vinegar or crazy ants
Irrigation Schedule
Ask for an irrigation schedule at the Town Center reception window
Kitchen Cabinets

Some cabinet doors delaminated, creating bubbles between the cabinet laminate and the underlying wood, often after the warranty period.  In 2008, Pulte agreed to replace defective cabinet doors after an inspection is made, provided the installation cost was borne by the home owner. This replacement program is over.
Kitchen Drawers

Several participants have installed sliding drawers to make shelves more usable – Home Depot works well.
Lake Levels
Village Walk does not have a recharge well. Water percolates through the aquafier, but is not pumped into the lakes from a recharge well.
Information on valuation, elevations, etc. can be found at In general, the lake high level is 13.5 feet above sea level, storm drain/street level is 16.5 feet and homes are at 18 feet above the 100 year flood level. These levels are based on two different criteria: (1) the three day maximum rainfall rate (calculated from data from the last 25 years) (i.e. the rainfall over a the “worst” 3 day period in the last 25 years), and (2) the 100 year historical high rainfall rate. If rainfall exceeded these rates, VlllageWalk homes should not flood because the “gravity system” would drain the excess away. We are not permitted any pumps as the law requires that the lakes not drain any faster that the natural rate. The lakes drain out through a transit pipe and drain box located in the berm near the construction gate. The two entry lakes are lined with a plastic lining to maintain a high water level. Both of these lakes have a circulation pump that takes water from our main lakes when needed.
Lanai Rescreening

Mastercraft Screening Dave Hubble 239-321-2635 excellent job and more reasonable than 2 other quotes received.
Landscape Issues

to be provided

There have been periodic discussions regarding landscaping, at the Annual General Meeting and at several Men’s Coffee meetings. The following summary was provided by Mainscape Landscaping
– There are 32 biweekly grass cuts and 10 weekly cuts
– Pruning takes place 10 times a year
– Grass fertilizing takes place 4 times a year, tree fertilizing 3 times a year (Lee County does not allow fertilizing in the period June 1 to September 30 to minimize runoff issues). Insecticide is incorporated in certain fertilizer applications, for example, to control cinch bug
– Edging along pavers / walks takes place weekly; soft edging of beds takes place biweekly
– Three plantings of annuals in the entrance gardens are provided, although sometimes the beds are left bare for a week or two due to the lack of suitable plants or for other timing issues
– Weeding takes place 24 times per year with littoral beds and lake edges weeded 5 time per year
– Mulch is applied once a year (in August/September/October – the mulch is the same mulch as used at Disney World. – Tree trimming is done annually by Johnson Tree Service and Mainscape pruning
If you have dead plants at your home, contact Mainscape Landscaping at 800-481-0096 or>. Irrigation issues should be reported to the HomeOwners’ Association office 239-949-9909.
Landscape Plant Sources

Reliable sources of suitable plants, together with knowledgeable advice can be found at:
Sanctuary Nursery 7600 Sanctuary Road North (off Immokalee Road) 692-9630 and
Driftwood Nursery on Highway 41, noth of Corkscrew Road

to be provided

A member pointed out that Florida’s Construction Lien Law or Mechanic’s Lien can impact a home owner if the primary contractor fails to pay his subcontractors. You may be responsible to pay the subcontractors even if you have paid the primary contractor Check out

Lock Box

Key lock box for your door to allow firemen to get into your home  units start at $169
Member Survey Results

How happy are you with the present meeting format (we meet the second and fourth Tuesday of the month for approximately one hour)? 84% happy

Some communities combine Men’s Coffee with breakfast.   Is this of interest to you? 73% no

Would you prefer an evening meeting, in addition to the twice monthly morning meetings? 27% yes

Do you like having a speaker, at least in season? 89% yes

Year Round Residents – do you like twice a month meetings without a speaker in the off season?  75% yes

Should the Men’s Coffee Group do more to encourage ladies to attend the meetings? 62% no

Who Is Your Primary Wireless Telephone Provider in Floriida? Verizon 44%  AT&T 25%

Who Is Your Internet Provider at VillageWalk? Comcast  72% Embarq  22%

There is a good description of millipedes at  You may also want tocheckthe millipede fact sheet found at
Mold Removal on Roofs
An Island Walk connection recommends hiring contractors who use Spray and Forget Generally, it is undesirable and unneccessary to walk on a tile roof while cleaning it.
Mold Prevention in Garages
In the summer. some residents leave a ceiling fan on, others use an oscillating fan on in the garage, several leave the attic door open or have installed an air vent in the stair case, some use Damp Rid or a dehumidifier.


Mulching is applied once a year (in August/September/October) using a contractor. The Homeowners Association is invesigating the use of pine straw or lesser quantites of mulch.
My Safe Florida

This is a free service paid for by the State.  The report may or may not be helpful in getting a reduction in home owners insurance: See  The “rules” are that Capri’s don’t qualify, but some have avoided being billed, others pay $30 to $150

Hanson Highlites 560-2594 / 573-5929
Steve Baptiste, City Property Services 239-465-1565
Victor’s Painting 947-5611
Dale Debeljak 440-477-3513 (Trevally Way)
“chacon & zuniga” (Servon) 239-537 7159 or 239-234 7079;
Elite Handyman Services, John Zocchi, 518-522-7129
Pest Control
Many members use Truly Nolan 239-494-3565
Others mentioned Terminix Pest Control 877-930-7836
Others mentioned SWFL Pest Management (formerly PestTech) 239-692-8899 6017 Pine Ridge Road, Suite 280
Zaruba Pest Management 919-9147 was mentioned, as well


to be provided
Cape Coral Plumbing 5812 Enterprise Parkway, Fort Myers 239-693-4714
Lezgus, Inc. 11170 Bonita Beach Road SE 239-344-7995
Policing / Speeding

The Traffic Agreement with the police department is in effect.  Speeding and stop sign violations are now being enforced. Those caught using the construcytion gate are being ticketed.
Pool Heating

Several people talked about roof top solar water heating panels. Permission is needed from the Homeowners’ Association; panels need to be on a southern exposure. There may be an incentive refund from the state. Splash Zone Supply Warehouse was mentioned as a good supplier 20778 Estero Court Estero 992-8999. Some participants are using salt instead of chlorine in their pools.
Pool Servicing

Aquatic Reflections Pool Service, Richard Young 239-7457665

Big Shark Pool Service Manny Brito, 239-947-0706 or cell 692-0740 e-mail – resident
Century Pools 10030 Maddox Lane, Bonita Springs 239-234-7520
Hunter Pools 455-0088 2200 Keane Avenue Naples
Regal Pool Service, 15391 Queen Angel Way 239-676-5605

Reliable Pools of Naples, |Jason Easterly 239-23-7744 e-mail

Pressure Washing
Steve Baptiste City Property Services 239-465-1565
Big Shark Pool Service Manny Brito,239- 947-0706 or cell 239-692-0740 e-mail – resident
Diego Saavedra 239-269-4785
Mark Edwards Water Wizard 738-3695 VillageWalk residen
Dennis Smiertka 28269 Islet Trail 239-919-0554
Piercing Blue Andy Brofferio 239-494-1699 h
Ray’s Home Maintence & Pressure Washing,.28612 Wahoo Drive 239-908-7725 raymond leonard
Privacy walls streaked with black and in need of a power washing. So what works? The product, Krud Kutter, sold at Home Depot or any home improvement store, according to two of our Homeowners (thank you Bill & Les!). First, wet down the privacy wall and spray the top and streaked areas with Krud Kutter. Scrub the black streaked areas with a long handled brush. Finally, power wash the area and most of the crud will be removed.  Ray talked about washing walls with 1 part outdoor chlorine to three parts water.  He offers handyman services.  Some use Big Shark
Property Valuations

Properties are valued by the Lee County Property Appraiser (who has spoken at Men`s Coffee) – see  You check out homesteading and other ways of controlling your property taxes on this website.
Real Estate Market

The Men’s Coffee Group typically arranges for an annual update on this subject. As this topic is highly changeable, check out the speakers for the year to see when an realtor will address the subject.
Recharge Wells for Lakes

Village Walk does not have a recharge well.  Water percolates through the aquafier and is not pumped into the lakes from a recharge well. See the information in Southwest Florida Water Management below.
Replacement Hardware Supplier

At the Home Maintenance seminar, the community was told that most replacement parts for DiVosta homes can be found at Raymond Building Supplies 3455 Beck Blvd, Naples 34114 239-348-7272 near the intersection of Highway 41 and County Road 951   Stevens Industries carries some items, such as clothes rods.
Rip Rap for Erosion Control

In 2011 Rip Rap (limestone) was added to badly eroded areas around our lakesides. A member with an enviromental science background expressed concern as the lime stone used in the Rip Rap will leach into the lakes causing an environmental issue for water quailty and fish. Most of the Rip Rap was ultimately removed after a new Town Manager was hired.

to be provided
Residency in Florida

Best way to get information is to go to one of the free seminars.  To be eligible to vote, VillageWalk residents must have registered to vote in Lee County.   Voter registration can be made with the Supervisor of Elections at:

2480 Thompson Street Ft Myers 239-533-8683 or

24851 Old US 41 Suite 10 Coconut Commerce centre 239-949-1581

Naturally, you can only be registered to vote in one state and county.  Residents can vote in Precinct 149 at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church located at 9801 Bonita Beach Rd, Bonita Springs (head west on Bonita Beach Road the church is on the South side of the Road beyond Old 41). Further details are attached or can be accessed at
Screens / Cages and Hurricanes

to be provided

Alterations and all sewing needs, call Camille Arciere at home 239-495-8170 cell 239-233-3309
Shutter Installation

Shutter installation cannot be done before the start of the hurricane season and shutters must be removed by November 30th.  Electric shutters can be purchased from AluFab Electric Shuuters on Plantation Road.  Bob Strasser recommends a person who did his shutters three years ago and is very reasonable and reliable.  His name is Richard Young and his phone is 239 745-7665.
Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD)

From time to time there are concerns about lake levels, especially when water is drawn from the lakes in the dry season to irrigate the complex. Here are notes from the informal meeting with South Florida Water Management District held in 2010. Representatives from Pulte, Mitchell and Stark (contracted to work on the land) and SWFWMD.SWFWMD emphasized that the permit issued to the developer for the construction of the canal system was being strictly adhered to and that inspections are routinely performed to ensure compliance.   It was noted that underground utility lines must be installed in dry trenches, not wet. This task is more difficult to accomplish in the rainy season due to water table elevation. VillageWalk lakes drop 6 to 8 feet in the dry season.

The primary concern of some residents was that pumping water out of one canal in order to fill a newly dug canal would have an adverse affect on the source canal. The SWFWMD representatives clarified that there was no adverse affect because all water levels are fed by the water table. Mr. Korf told the group that the entire area around, and including VillageWalk property, would be like a bathtub filled with gravel and water. You take water from the front of the tub and dump it in the back of the tub; all it does is sink down and level off because it’s all part of the same water table.

Pulte informed the group that any de-watering comes out of new locations, not existing lakes. This is very porous rocky soil. Divers were actually able to swim beneath the rock ledge in some areas. Pulte also indicated that construction must comply with the number of permits and codes including federal, state, county and City of Bonita Springs.

Due to the self-leveling of the water table, the impact on existing canals will be minimal at best. SWFWMD assured the group that the method of constructing the canals is the approved method. The further east from the coast, the more significantly the water tables fluctuate. He also informed the group that South Florida Water Management District has jurisdiction for enforcement of any noncompliance with the permit.

The dead Melaleuca trees along along the north side of Bonita Beach Road east of I-75 were killed with herbicide application some years ago, although there has been some wildfires in the area that might have contributed to their demise. The normal course of action is to let the trees decay and fall on their own.  However this has taken quite some time as these trees have been dead for over 10 years. Southwest Florida Water Management reported in 2016 that they are exploring the possibility of knocking the dead trees down if they can obtain the funding and regulatory approvals to do so.  To minimize environmental impacts they would likely delay any actions requiring  heavy equipment until the late dry season (March-May) depending on surface water levels

Additional is information is available on the website at Permit number 36 – 04096 –P

It is also worth noting that, unlike IslandWalk, no water flows on the surface into VillageWalk.  However, surplus water in the canals spills over a dam at the northwest corner of the complex and flows along Bonita Beach Road towards Bonita Grande Road.

The following map shows the CREW likely land acquisition in the areas north of Bonita Beach Road and east of Bonita Crande Road
Southwest Property Management

The Association’s records and staff are provided by Southwest Property Management. While the staff are either in the Southwest Property Management offices (accounting, principally) or on site in the Town Center area on weekdays, there is an emergency telephone 239-261-3440 which is staffed 24 hours / 7 days a week.
Stains on Walls

Use ammonia, bleach or crud cutter – power wash
Stagnant Water

If you have a problem with stagnant pool, for example as a result of a foreclosed house next to yours, contact health code enforcement at 239-949 6257.
Street Lighting
Questions have also been asked about installing street lighting along Bonita Beach Road in front of VillageWalk of Bonita Springs. As undertaken at the annual meeting two years ago, an engineer has been engaged to estimate the cost of such a street lighting project, including the annual maintenance and electricity costs. The CDD cannot take on this responsibility and hence the capital cost of lighting would be a homeowner’s responsibility as would the related operating and maintenance [presumably funded through a special assessment and annual budgeting within the Home Owners Association] Street Representatives

There is confusion on the respective roles of Street Representatives and Neighborhood Watch captains.

Street representatives are elected by the residents on their street to coordinate extra activities on their street, communicate issues to the Board of Directors and, on behalf of the Board, liaise with residents on their streets.  Street representatives are a part of the Home Owner’s Association governance process at VillageWalk.

Neighborhood Watch catains are volunteers and not a part of the governance process (i.e. they have no formal relationship with the Home Owner’s Association).  Neighborhood Watch captains agree to enhance communication on security related matters.

There are street representatives, representing all streets except for occasional vacanies.  There are only a few Neighborhood Watch captains..
Stucco Repairs

The stucco like (STO) coating on our homes (at least those in the older section) is available from Sea Coast Supply, 6190 Shirley Street 239-597-7109, but only in 5 gallon cans which may not match due to fading. However, the Color Wheel, Green Tree Shopping Center, Airport Pulling Road at Immokolee can match the wall color with the appropriate paint.  You need to know the year your home was built.
Thermometer with Hydrometer

Springfield Precisetemp indoor thermometer with hydrometer model 91551 available at Walmart for $10 – not connected to air condtioning. About $10

TIPTEMP Temperature & Humidity Alarm System: Remote humidity sensing is optional. The standard time delay for reporting a power outage is 5 minutes, but it can be adjusted at the factory if you ask for it when placing an order. Steve had his set for 40 minutes so that I would not be bothered with a call during a short outage. All other settings are programmable by the user   About $300
Trimming Plants / Trees

In the spring, selected trees such as Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus), are trimmed / pruned to keep the head tight and attractive.  About every third year, trimming is tighter than other years to rejuvenate the plant.
Southwest Florida Veterinary Specialists 28400 Old 41 Road # 1, Bonita Springs 239-992-8387
Angel Animal Hospital 25100 Bernwood Drive, Bonita Springs 239-221-8444
Animal Hospital of Bonita Springs 8830 Emerald Isle off Highway 41 239-947-3447

Veterinarian Animal Wellness Center of Bonita 10347 Bonita Beach Road Suite 116 239-405 8387
Petsmart stores typically have a vet on site

Water Odors
Periodically there is an odor coming from the sewers near Puffin Drive and VillageWalk Circle. The source of the odor is unknown.
A sulphur like smell in tap water has been noticed from time to time. It may be due to incomplete circulation of water in the feeder pipes west of Vermillion Lane, which will likely be rectified when the complex is completed and water flows in a complete circle. Bonita Springs Utilities periodically flushes water from hydrants to alleviate this issue.. Others noted that there is a magnesium rod in most water heaters which helps seal pipes, but which can cause odors. Some have removed the magnesium rod.

Weeds in Driveways

Weeds in the driveway can be prevented by a product from Quickrete – a sand that seals the area between the bricks.  Call 1-800-282-5828. The current landscape contract calls for limited treatment of weeds in the driveway, although owners are still responsible for weed control in the driveways. Weeds along the shores of the lakes are a Home Owners Association responsibility.
Wildlife Issues
Wildlife issues can be addressed by calling
– Bobby’s Wildlife Removal 239-340-3882
– Lee County (domestic animals) 239-432-2083
– Wildlife Conservatory (alligators over 4′) 866-392-4286
Owners are responsible for removal of animals such as racoons, armadillos, etc. The Home Owners Association has asked that garbage be put out only on the day of pickup.
Window Protection in Hurricanes
Window film – Armor Shield $1,700 for an Oakmont Rick Heiser 239-775-0691
Metal Accordian Shutters – Alufab USA, Jack Lengel 239-784 6504
Storm Secure Shutters 239-594-1234
Plastic fabric roll down, Storm Smart, Don Dieringer, 239-229-1476
Permanent shutters attached to window frame $3,000 for a Capri made of aluminum Pioneer Enterprises – can also install pull down vinyl screen on the lanai
Some have purchased clear, carbonate shutters
Film applied to windows will protect the home and filter UV rays, but will not lead to an insurance discount.
Window Washing

Piercing Blue Andy Brofferio 239-494-1699 h