Rules and Regulations


15291 Latitude Dr — Suite 100

Bonita Springs, FL 34135

c/o KW Property Management



12.1.    Residential Uses.   The Units and Common Areas may be used only for residential,
recreational, and related purposes (which may include, without limitation, offices for any property
manager retained by the Association) and limited portions of the Common Areas may be used in a
commercial capacity, as may be more particularly set forth in this Declaration, or the ordinances
or requirements of the County or Municipality. In the event of any conflict between the
requirements of this Declaration, and its amendments, and the requirements or ordinances of the
County or the Municipality, the stricter requirements shall prevail.
12.2.    Use Restrictions. The Board shall have the authority to make and enforce standards and
restrictions governing the use of the Common Areas and Units, in addition to those contained
herein, and to impose reasonable user fees for use of the Recreational Facilities, as determined
from time to time. Such regulations and use restrictions shall be binding upon all Owners and

A.        Signs.   No sign, symbol, name, address, notice, or advertisement shall be inscribed or
exposed on or at any window or other part of a Unit or Common Areas without the prior written
approval of the Board. The Board shall have the right to erect signs as they, in its sole

discretion, deem appropriate.
B.        Parking and Garages.   Vehicles shall be parked only in the garages or in the driveways
serving the Units or in the appropriate spaces or designated areas in which parking may be
assigned, and then subject to the reasonable Rules and Regulations adopted by the Board from time
to time. Vehicles shall not be parked overnight on Roads, including cut-outs around townhomes.  All
commercial  vehicles,  recreational  vehicles,  trailers,  campers,  camper  trailers, boats,
watercraft, motorcycles, and boat trailers must  be parked entirely within a garage unless
otherwise approved by the Board. The term “commercial vehicle” shall include all automobiles,
trucks  and  vehicular  equipment  including  station  wagons,  which  display  commercial  license
plates, emblems, signs, logos, lettering or other writing on the exterior of the vehicle, or
vehicles in excess  of garage  door  height, or  any vehicle  that  contains  visible  equipment
or tools.   This prohibition of parking shall not apply to temporary parking of trucks and
commercial vehicles, such as for pick-up, delivery, and other commercial services.   No garage
shall be used as a living area. No garage shall be altered in such a manner that the number of
automobiles which may be parked  therein  after  the  alteration  is  less  than  the  number  of
automobiles  that  could  have reasonably been parked in the garage as originally constructed,
C.        Occupants Bound.   All provisions of the Homeowners Documents and of any  Rules  and
Regulations  or  use  restrictions  promulgated  pursuant  thereto  which  govern  the conduct  of
Owners,  and  which  provide  for  sanctions  against  Owners,  shall  also  apply  to  all
occupants of any Unit.
D.        Animals and Pets.   No animals may be raised, bred, or kept in any Unit, except that
dogs, cats, or other domestic household animals may be kept on the Unit, provided they are not
kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purpose, or in numbers deemed unreasonable by  the  Lee
County  Animal  Control,  in  its  sole  discretion.  Notwithstanding  the  foregoing,  no animal
may be kept in the Unit, which in the judgment of the Lee County Animal Control results in a
nuisance or is obnoxious to other residents. No Owner shall be permitted to maintain in his or her
Unit  any  dog  or  dogs  of  vicious  or  of  violent  temperament  or  otherwise  evidencing
such temperament. Animals shall not be permitted in any of the Common Areas unless under leash the
length of which affords adequate control over the animal at all times. Each animal owner shall be
required to clean up after his or her animal. Each Owner by acquiring a Unit agrees to indemnify
the Association, and hold it harmless against any loss or liability resulting from his or her, his
or her family member’s, or his or her lessee’s ownership of an animal. If a dog or any other animal
becomes obnoxious to other Unit Owners by barking or otherwise, the Owner shall remedy the problem,
or upon written notice from Lee County Animal Control, he or she will be required to remove  the
animal  from  the  property.  Notwithstanding  any  of  foregoing,  the  Association  is authorized
to grant a reasonable accommodation pursuant to Federal and State Fair Housing laws to allow a
disabled person to keep a service or support animal within his or her Unit.   The Board shall have
the authority to adopt reasonable rules and regulations pertaining to Service and Support Animals
which are consistent with the provisions of Federal and State laws.   In the event that an
28 | P a g e A m e n d e d   a n d   R e s t a t e d   D o c u m e n t s

approved service or support animal dies or is otherwise permanently removed from the property, the
Owner or Occupant must reapply with the Association in order to replace such animal.
E.   Nuisance.    No  Unit  shall  be  used,  in  whole  or  in  part,  for  the  storage  of  any
property or thing that will cause such Unit to appear to be in an unclean or untidy condition or
that will be obnoxious to the eye; nor shall any substance, thing, or material be kept in any Unit
that will emit a foul or obnoxious odor or that will cause any noise or other condition that will
or might disturb the peace, quiet, safety, comfort, or serenity of the occupants of surrounding
property or to VillageWalk as a whole. No illegal, noxious, or offensive activity shall be carried
on in any unit, nor shall anything be done thereon tending to cause a nuisance to any person using
any property adjacent to the Unit. There shall not be maintained any plants, animals, devices, or
things of any sort whose activities or existence in any way is noxious, dangerous, unsightly,
unpleasant, or of a nature  as may diminish or destroy the  enjoyment  of VillageWalk.   No  loud
noises or noxious odors  shall  be  permitted  to  emanate  from  inside  or  around  any  Unit.
Without  limiting  the generality of any of the  foregoing  provisions,  no  horns,  whistles,
bells  or  other  sound  devices (other than security devices used exclusively for security
purposes), noisy or smoky vehicles, loud music, excessive shouting or any items which may
unreasonably interfere with television or radio reception of any Owner shall be located or used in
any Unit or upon the Common Elements.   The final determination of whether any activity, behavior,
conduct, etc., constitutes a nuisance shall lie solely within the discretion of the Board of
Directors.   Unit Owners, Tenants and Occupants shall be obligated and shall have a strict duty to
treat each other in a considerate and amicable manner.
F.   Unsightly Conditions. All weeds, rubbish, debris, or unsightly materials or objects of any
kind shall be regularly removed from the Units, and shall not be allowed to accumulate thereon,
All  refuse  containers  (except  on  scheduled  trash  pick-up  days),  all  machinery  and
equipment, and other similar items of personal property shall be obscured from view of adjoining
streets, Units or Common Areas. All Units shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition and no
rubbish, refuse, or garbage shall be allowed to accumulate, or any fire hazard allowed to exist. In
the event an Owner fails to maintain his Unit as required, , the Association shall have the right,
exercisable in its discretion, to clear any rubbish, refuse, or unsightly debris and/or growths
from any Unit deemed by the Association to be a health menace, fire hazard or a detraction from the
aesthetic appearance of VillageWalk; provided, however, that at least fifteen (15) days prior
notice shall  be  given by the  Association to the  Owner  of such Unit  before  such work  is done
by the Association. In the event the Association, after such notice, causes the subject work to be
done, then, and in that event, the costs of such work, together with interest thereon at the
maximum rate permitted by the usury laws of the State of Florida, shall be charged to the Owner and
shall become a lien on the Unit in the same manner as an assessment pursuant to Article VIII
hereof, which lien shall  be  effective,  have  priority  and  be  enforced  pursuant  to  the
procedures  set  forth  in  this Declaration.

G.        Antennas.   No exterior antennas, aerials, satellite dishes, or other apparatus for the
reception or transmission of television, radio, or other signals of any kind shall be placed,
29 | P a g e A m e n d e d   a n d   R e s t a t e d   D o c u m e n t s


allowed, or maintained upon any portion of VillageWalk, including any Unit, without the prior
written  approval  of  the  ACC  obtained  in  the  manner  set  forth  in  the  provisions
governing Architectural Control, except that this prohibition shall not apply to those satellite
dishes that are one (1) meter (39.37 inches)  in diameter or less, and specifically covered by 47
C.F.R. Part 1, Subpart S, Section 1.4000, as amended, promulgated under the Telecommunications Act
of 1996, as amended from time to time.   The Association is empowered to adopt rules governing the
types of  antennae,   restrictions   relating   to   safety,   location  and   maintenance   of
antennae.     The Association may also adopt and enforce reasonable rules limiting installation of
permissible dishes or antennae to certain specified locations, not visible from the street or
neighboring properties and integrated  with  the  Property  and  surrounding  landscape,  to  the
extent  that  reception  of  an acceptable  signal  would  not  be  unlawfully  impaired  by  such
rules  and  provided  the  cost  of complying with such rules would not unreasonable increase the
cost of installation of permissible dishes or antennae.   Notwithstanding the foregoing, no
permissible dishes or antennae shall be installed on, over or through the Common Areas of the
Property.   Any approved antennae shall be installed in compliance with all federal, state and
local laws and regulations,  including zoning, land-use and building regulations.
H.        Subdivision of Unit.   Units shall not be further subdivided or separated by any Owner,
and no portion less than all of any such Unit, nor any easement shall be conveyed or transferred by
an Owner; provided, however, that this shall not prevent corrective deeds, deeds to resolve
boundary disputes and other similar corrective instruments.
I.          Pools.   No above-ground pools shall be erected, constructed, or installed on any Unit.
J.         Irrigation.   No sprinkler or irrigation systems of any type which draw water

from lakes, rivers, ponds, canals or other ground or surface waters shall be installed, constructed
or operated by an Owner within VillageWalk unless prior written approval from the ACC has been

K.        Drainage and Septic Systems. Catch basins and drainage areas are for the purpose of
natural flow of water only. No obstructions or debris shall be placed in these areas. No Person,
other than the Association, or the South Florida Water Management District, may obstruct or
re-channel the drainage flows after location and installation of drainage swales, storm sewers, or
storm drains. The Association hereby reserves a perpetual easement across the properties for the
purpose of altering drainage and water flow. Septic systems are prohibited in VillageWalk.
L.         Tree Removal. No trees shall be removed, except for diseased or dead trees and trees
needing to be removed to promote the growth of other trees or for safety reasons, unless approved
by the ACC.
M.       Sight   Distance.   All   property   located   at   street   intersections   shall   be
landscaped so as to permit safe sight across street comers, as determined from time to time by the
Board or ACC. No fence, wall, hedge, shrub, or planting shall be placed or permitted to remain
30 | P a g e A m e n d e d   a n d   R e s t a t e d   D o c u m e n t s

where it would create a traffic or sight problem.
N.        Lighting. Except for seasonal decorative lights, which may be displayed for the  period
of  the  day  after  Thanksgiving  through  January  10th  only  or  such  other  date  as
determined by the Board from time to time; all non-seasonal exterior lights must be approved by the

O.        Artificial Vegetation. Exterior Sculpture,  and Similar  Items. No  artificial vegetation
shall  be  permitted  on  the  exterior  of  any  portion  of  a  Unit.  Exterior  sculpture,
ornaments, statues, fountains, flags, and similar items must be approved by the ACC. In addition to
the  display of  flags  as permitted  by Florida  Statutes  Ch.  720, no  approval shall  be
required to display one (1) U.S. flag or official flag of the State of Florida not larger than
4.5ft by 6ft, attached to a pole or dowel not larger than 1 inch in diameter which is wall mounted
adjacent to the garage door of a Unit.

P.         Energy  Conservation   Equipment.     All   solar   heating   apparatus   must conform
to  the  standards  set  forth  in  the  HUD  Intermediate  Minimum  Property  Standards
Supplement, Solar Heating, and domestic Water Systems. Except as permitted by law, no solar energy
collector panels or attendant  hardware or other energy conservation equipment  shall be
constructed or installed unless it is an integral and harmonious part of the architectural design
of a structure, as reasonably determined by the ACC. No solar panel, vents, or other roof-mounted,
mechanical equipment shall project more than 1.5 feet above the surface of the roof of a Unit..
This provision is not intended to prohibit the use of solar energy devices.
Q.        Lakes  and  Water  Bodies.  All  lakes,  canals,  and  water  bodies  within the
Committed  Lands  shall  be  primarily  aesthetic  amenities  and  all  other  uses  thereof,
including, without limitation, fishing, boating, playing, or use of non-powered boating, shall be
subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Board. The Association shall not be responsible for any
loss, damage, or  injury to  any person  or  property arising  out of the  authorized  or
unauthorized  use  of  lakes, canals, or water bodies within the Committed Lands.
R.        Recreational   Facilities.      All   recreational   facilities   and   playgrounds
furnished by the Association or erected within the Committed Lands, if any, shall be used at the
risk of the user, and the Association shall not be held liable to any person or persons for any
claim, damage, or injury occurring thereon or related to use thereof.
S.         Business Use. The Units shall be used solely for residential, Single Family purposes.
Nothing herein shall be deemed to prevent an Owner from leasing a home to a Single Family, subject
to all of the terms, conditions, and covenants contained in this Declaration, The Units shall not
be used in any trade, business, professional, or commercial capacity. Owners (and their  approved
occupants)  may  use  Units  for  “home  office”  or  “telecommuting”  purposes, provided  that
such uses  do  not  involve  customers  or  clients  coming  onto the  Property,  do  not increase
traffic or otherwise interfere with the rights of other Owners, or involve the posting of any
signage in the Property.

31 | P a g e A m e n d e d   a n d   R e s t a t e d   D o c u m e n t s

T.          Vehicles.    No  vehicle  which  impedes  a  sidewalk  may  be  parked  in  a driveway.
No  motorcycle,  truck that  is not  used  for personal or family use,  trailer,  boat, van,
camper,  motor home, bus, commercial vehicle of any type, as defined above, vehicles that  are
unlicensed or in disrepair, non-passenger van (i.e. any van which does not have a rear seat and
side windows),  or  similar  vehicle  shall  be  parked  on  any  part  of  the  Common  Areas  or
any  Unit driveway,  or  designated  parking  space  within  VillageWalk  except:  (1)  within  a
garage,  (2) commercial vehicles, vans, or trucks delivering goods or furnishing services
temporarily during daylight  hours,  and  (3)  upon  such  portions  of VillageWalk  as  the  Board
may  jointly,  in  their discretion, allow. Vehicles over eighty (80”) inches in height, or those
vans or trucks which do not have  windows  completely  circling  the  vehicle’s  exterior  (similar
to  windows  around  a  station wagon), and permanent installed seating for four or more
passengers, shall be considered to be a prohibited vehicle, van, or truck. The Association shall
have the right to authorize the towing away of any vehicles in violation of this provision or any
other provision of this Declaration, or related Rules and Regulations adopted or amended from time
to time, with the costs and fees, including attorney’s  fees,  if  any,  to  be  borne  by  the
vehicle  owner  or  violator.    Notwithstanding  the foregoing, the Board may approve overnight
parking of prohibited vehicles for up to a maximum of 24 hours.

U.        Hurricane Season. Each Unit Owner who intends to be absent from his or her home during
the hurricane season (June 1 – November 30 of each year) shall prepare his or her Unit prior to
departure by doing the following:
(i)        Removing  all  furniture,  potted  plants,  and  other  movable  objects from the yard; and
(ii)       Designating   a   responsible   person  or   firm,   satisfactory  to  the Association,  to  care  for  his  or  her  Unit.  At  no  time  shall  hurricane  shutters  be  permanently installed, without the consent of the ACC.
V.        Golf Carts, Scooters, Mopeds and Segways.   Golf carts must be operated only by a
licensed driver.   Other  motorized  vehicles  must  be operated  in accordance with the provisions
of Florida statutes, including any and all licensing and registration requirements.   In addition,
all motorized vehicles are subject to rules and regulations established by the Association. All
motorized vehicles leased, owned, or otherwise used by Owners may be parked, placed, or stored only
in the Unit garages.   No golf cart, scooter, moped and/or Segway or other motorized vehicle shall
be placed, parked, or stored on the lawn of any Unit or on any portion of the Common Areas, unless
such area is specifically designated as a motorized vehicle parking area by the Board. No golf cart
shall be driven outside the entrance area or boundaries of VillageWalk.   Owners of golf carts,
scooters, mopeds and/or segways or other motorized vehicles, by operating same within VillageWalk
shall be presumed to have released the Association of all liability arising from an Owner’s use of
same.   The Owners of golf carts, mopeds, scooters and/or segways shall provide the Association
with proof of liability insurance in connection with the operation of such vehicles, and  such
insurance  shall  have  such  limits  as  shall  be  approved  by the  Association  in  its  sole
32 | P a g e A m e n d e d   a n d   R e s t a t e d   D o c u m e n t s

33 | P a g e
A m e n d e d   a n d   R e s t a t e d   D o c u m e n t s
discretion. Each such insurance policy shall name the Association as an additional insured, and
shall provide the Association with thirty (30) days’ notice prior to its cancellation. An Owner who
uses a golf cart, scooter, moped and/or Segway or other motorized vehicle, shall be held fully
responsible for any and all damages resulting from the misuse of same by the Owner, his family
members,  guests,  licensees,  invitees,  employees,  or  agents,  and  the  Owner  shall reimburse
the Association for any and all damages the Association may sustain by reason of such misuse. Such
damages  shall  be  collectible  as  a  Special  Assessment  pursuant  to  the  procedures  for
such assessments  set  forth  herein.   Golf  carts,  scooters,  mopeds,  and/or  segways  shall
at  all times during use be operated by a licensed driver.
W.       Rules and Regulations.   The Unit Owners shall abide by each and every Rule and Regulation
promulgated from time to time by the Board. The Board shall give an Owner in violation of the Rules
and Regulations, written notice of the violation by U.S. Certified Mail, return  receipt
requested,  and  fifteen  (15)  days  in  which  to  cure  the  violation.  Should  the Association
be required to seek enforcement of any provision of this Declaration or the Rules and Regulations
and prevail in such action, then the offending Unit Owner (for himself or herself or for his or her
family, guests, invitees, or lessees) shall be liable to the Association for all costs incurred in
the  enforcement  action,  including  reasonable  attorneys’  fees,  whether  incurred  prior  to
litigation, during litigation, in trial or appellate proceedings or otherwise.
X.        No Smoking.   Effective upon the recording of this Amended and Restated Declaration in
the public records of Lee County, Florida, no person shall engage in the smoking of any lawful or
unlawful substance or  product including, but not limited to, any smoking of any tobacco or tobacco
type, oil, wax or resin product which may now be lawful or may become lawful in the future, within
or upon any portion of the Association’s Common Areas.   For purposes of this Subsection, the term
“smoking” includes the act of inhaling, exhaling, burning, carrying or possessing any lighted
tobacco or tobacco-type, oil, wax or resin product including, but not limited to, cigars,
cigarettes, pipe tobacco, e-cigarettes, vaping or any other similar product, and; the term “person”
means  any  “Domestic  Partner”,  “Guest”,  “Visitor”,  “Invitee”,    “Occupant”,  ”family
member”,  “Primary  Occupant”,  “Tenant  or  Lessee”,  or  “Unit  Owner.    Notwithstanding  the
foregoing, the Board may, in its sole discretion, establish outdoor areas where smoking may be