Street Representitives


(Residents vote only for members of the Board of Directors and for changes to our Covenants)
All other voting is done by the Voting Members of the Neighborhood Representative Committees from each Street neighborhood.
  • The Voting Member(s) for the Neighborhood would represent and bring the votes from the homeowners of the neighborhood. For example, suppose the Board proposes to build an addition to the Town Center, build another recreational facility or other large expenditure and wishes to put the item to a vote to get the permission of the residents. The Representatives would conduct “voting” if directed by the Board of Directors.
  • Attend Association Committee Meetings.
  • Assist residents in understanding Rules and Regulations to help to avoid violations and fines.
  • Communicate to the Board all issues and concerns of your street. The Representatives act as liaisons to communicate Association/Board business to the homeowners and from the homeowners to the Association/Board.
  • Schedule and prepare Notice of Meeting and Proxy for election of Neighborhood representatives each year. Representatives should start planning Ninety (90) days prior to this date, by setting date, time and space. If meeting space will need to be held at the Town Center, please contact the Activities Director to book meeting at least (60) sixty days in advance. A Notice of Meeting and Proxy (samples provided) should be prepared by the Committee and should be provided to the Home Owners Association office no later than 45 days prior to the meeting to allow ample time for the notices to be mailed.
  • The Home Owners Association office should be notified of any updates or changes that would pertain to the Neighborhood Committee.
  • Coordinate social activities and events for your street, and if appropriate with other Neighborhood Representatives.
Click here for additional information concerning the role and responsibilities of Street Representatives.