Street Lights – Why are there none on Bonita Beach Road?

Ownership of Bonita Beach Road from the west edge of VillageWalk going east.

The City of Bonita Springs has recently been made aware of several East Bonita Beach Road citizen postings on the “NEXT DOOR” web site about the need for street lights to be installed on Bonita Beach Road. Suggestions for contacting the City or Lee County have been made. We certainly understand those concerns. However, we also felt it important to note that neither Lee County nor the City of Bonita Springs owns any portion of Bonita Beach Road east of the western side of VillageWalk. To be clear, the County owns Bonita Beach Road west of that point only. For VillageWalk, and any of the other communities east from there to Bonita National, the governmental entities (CDDs) that own those portions of Bonita Beach Road are the contacts where your concerns should be addressed. Based on the information we have, for the portion of the road directly in front of VillageWalk, The VillageWalk of Bonita Springs CDD would be responsible. For everything east of there to Bonita National, the Beach Road Golf Estates CDD would need to be contacted. We understand how frustrating this might be and wanted to ensure that you were contacting those who were in the best position to assist! We hope you find this helpful.

Carl L. Schwing,
City Manager “