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Tuesday, July 25, 2017 
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Parking Violations – Vehicle Towing

Although we have made significant progress, parking violations remain a big problem within our community.  Recently we have taken steps to be in full compliance with the State of Florida Statutes permitting towing of vehicles that are in violation.  In the future, vehicles parked in violation of the governing documents will be towed off the property at the owner’s expense.

Obviously, the Board does not want to have any vehicle towed, but we must enforce the Governing Documents and work proactively to resolve violations as quickly as possible to protect the safety and property values of all owners.  Please take the time to review the following parking Rules and Regulations.  If you have any questions concerning these rules, please call the town center Manager’s office at 239-949.9909. 

Parking Rules (Summary)

  • No motorcycle, ATV, truck, trailer, boat, van greater that 17 feet in length, camper, motor home, bus, commercial vehicle of any type (i.e., any vehicle which has any exterior lettering or logo, or has tools or equipment), non-passenger van or similar vehicle shall not be parked on any part of the Properties, any driveway, or designated parking space within the Properties except within a garage with the garage door closed.  The Association shall have the right to authorize the towing away of any vehicles in violation of this rule with the costs and fees, including attorney’s fees, if any, to be borne by the vehicle owner or violator.
  • No vehicle is to be parked on the common area streets, parking cutouts or other community parking spaces between the hours of 11:00 pm and 7:00 am.
  • No vehicle is to be parked in a driveway in such a manner that the vehicle would obstruct the sidewalk.  Vehicles parked in a driveway are to be parked in the paved driveway space between the closed garage door and the edge of the sidewalk.
  • Vehicles are not to be parked on any grassy areas.  Damage to the landscaping and the sprinkler systems result from parking on the grass.

Gated Community Entry

  • The gate officer is on site to provide access control, to observe and to report.  The officer is instructed to not leave his post at the Guardhouse at any time during his watch.  The guards are also instructed to not receive or accepted any packages for delivery or pick-up. The Association does not provide roving patrol guard.  Therefore, in any emergency residents should NOT call the guardhouse for assistance.  Owners should call 911 and report the nature of the emergency.  The guards are trained to admit all emergency vehicles immediately when they arrive at the gate and provide directions as may be required.
  • Entry barcodes may be purchased at the Town Center office   Residents must either
    • come to the office and complete an information form to request barcodes or
    • go to the Forms webpage, download the form and drop off the completed form at the Town Center reception window. 
  • There is a $5.00 fee charged for each barcode to offset the cost of the decal and residents may have a maximum of four active barcodes at any time.

Town Center Rules

Take a look at the rules for the Town Center, including the pool, tennis courts and fitness center


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