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Tuesday, July 25, 2017 
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Advanced Disposal Services

Monday:       Trash Cans (largest trash can size is 40 gallons)

Tuesday:         Recyclables (Lee county will provide 64 gallon recycling bins for your use)


The following are Recyclable Materials:

Plastic:         empty rigid containers marked #1 - #7 on the bottom, except no flowerpots and motor oil                                containers

Aluminum:   soda and beer cans, clean foil, pie pans

Metal:            soup, fruit, vegetables, juice, pet food and similar cans, as well as aerosol cans.

Glass:            green, brown and clear bottles and jars

Paper:           newspaper, magazines and catalogs, telephone books, computer and office paper, junk                        mail (including envelopes), shredded papers, cereal boxes, shoe or gift boxes, flattened

                       corrugated cardboard and pizza boxes (no crusts, please)

The following are not accepted for recycling

car parts

cooking utensils

cookware (pyrex or corning type)

cutlery (knives, forks, spoons)

dishes (glass, porcelain and stoneware)

door screens

drinking glasses

egg cartons


glass medicine bottles

household chemical containers

lawn furniture (aluminum, metal, plastic)

license plates


motor oil and anti-freeze containers

paper bag (colored or white)

plastic grocery bags

plastic newspaper sleeve

polystyrene trays (white or green trays your supermarket uses for meat and vegetables)

pots and pans

pool chemical bottles

styrofoam and packaging "peanuts"



Please contact Veola Waste Management with any questions you may have at 239-334-1224 or consult the following website


All landscape irrigation systems, plants, shrubs, bushes and trees that were installed when an owner bought their home from the developer are maintained by the VillageWalk Home Owner’s Association at no additional expense to the owner. Check out the photo gallery of most plants in the complex. Owner installed changes that have been approved by the Architectural Control Committee Board (additional landscaping, plants, flowers, etc.) are the responsibility of the owner to maintain.  The VillageWalk Homeowner’s Association can provide assistance to owners who are contemplating making changes or additions.

If you are in need of landscape attention at your home, please contact the Home Owners Association Office located in the Town Center at 949-9909 and describe your concern.  We will investigate your concern during the weekly landscape walkthroughs. If plants are to be replaced, please allow two weeks for that to be completed.  In some instances, the corrective measure would be to fertilize or treat for pests and allow time for the plant material to recover.

We ask your understanding when, at certain times (such as South Florida's Phase III drought conditions), plant replacements are deferred.



Please contact the Home Owners Association Office located in the Town Center at 949-9909 and describe your concern.  The irrigation team is on site daily Monday – Friday and should be able to address your concern within two (2) business days.

Pest Control


The Home Owners Association does not budget for, nor contract for, any pest elimination for the individual homes.  Please contact a licensed and insured Pest Control Company to perform periodic pest control should the need arise.



Hurricane Shutters


The Board of Directors will permit the installation of hurricane shutters provided the panels are painted white or the color of the home, or they are clear.  They are only permitted to be closed during the hurricane season which is June 1 - November 30.  Otherwise, shutters may not be closed unless the threat of a storm is eminent.

Architectural Control

The Architectural Control Committee meets periodically to review each application that has been submitted by an Owner to make any changes to the exterior of the homes.  The Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions clearly outlines what requires approval, i.e. the installation of a satellite dish, any yard décor, landscape changes etc.

In order to provide owners with a quicker response, the administrative office will process Architectural Change applications weekly.  The Architectural  Control Committee will meet on a weekly basis in season (January 16, 2009 through March 2009) and, otherwise, on the third Thursday of the month,

Please submit written requests to the Home Owners Association Office at least five business days before the applicable meeting date.

What the Architectural Control Does Not Allow:
All exterior décor must be approved by the Board of Directors: this includes all potted plants,
decorative statues, bird baths, fountains, benches, all other yard decor. A complete rchitectural
change application must be submitted with a photograph/picture of the item(s) to be displayed,
and when necessary a drawn plan of the installation. The Board reviews applications on the
third Thursday of each month. Applications must be received by the HOA 2 days prior to the meeting to be included in the meeting agenda. The Board must be able to see exactly what is being installed and where it will be located or the application will be rejected due to lack of information. The Board of Directors does not permit the following:
• Decorative wall ornaments attached to the exterior walls of the home except within the lanai.
• Artificial plants
• Decorative flags
• Porch swings
• Hanging baskets attached to the porch, garage lights or trees
• Shepherds hooks with hanging baskets, wind chimes, etc.
• Welcome signs
• Address signs
• Decorative plaques in flower beds
• Gazing balls in the front beds (must have Board approval for other locations)
• Solar lights over 18 inches in height (must have Board approval for solar lights under 18 inches in height)

Divosta Information


There is also useful information in the Divosta Customers Relations and Warranty Service pages


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