Vermillion Lane Notes
Tuesday, July 25, 2017 

There are 86 homes on Vermillion Lane, the longest street in VillageWalk of Bonita Springs.

To organize activities and comply with the covenants for the VillageWalk of Bonita Springs Homeowners Association, there must be a Neighborhood Association for the street. This requires five street representatives (of which two are Voting Members) to act on your behalf on certain matters. Your five street representatives are:


Jim Bridges
Don Dailey (voting member)
Frank Kearney
Shar Rosser
Mike Vober (voting member)

Group Buying

Your 5 street representatives obtained favorable pricing for street residents for:

- pest control through the application of pesticides / insecticides as needed around homes to control ants and other pests (Truly Nolan), Quarterly treatment of your home, with interior inspection annually or as needed at a cost of $247. Truly Nolan is a well known company with a reputation for excellent customer service. Your satisfaction in our surveys confirms why we have dealt with them for 5 consecutive years.

- for pressure washing homes, privacy walls and pavers once or twice per year (Dennis Smiertka). In April and / or October, Dennis (a VillageWalk resident and highly regarded handyman) will pretreat any particularly moldy areas, then power wash your home, privacy walls, driveway, sidewalk pavers and front sidewalk. Dennis comes to us highly recommended by a number of Vermillion Lane residents; this is Dennis' second year with our street association.
- for air conditioning preventative maintenance (Posetek Appliance Services) - this is their second year servicing our street association

If interested, complete the 2015 Group Buying Signup Form and deliver it (and your check ) to Jim Bridges by April 1st. Please do not contact the supplier directly as you will not get the favorable pricing and you will indvertantly undermine the price negotiations of your street representatives . if you have signed up, here is the contact information for our vendors
- Truly Nolan 239-495-3668
- Posetek Appliance Services 239-590-9829
- Dennis Smiertka 239-919-0554

Your Vermillion Lane Street Assocuation also has had very favorable reports for the following services:
- window cleaning Andy Brofferio 239-494-1699 e-mail
- appliance repair Posetek Appliance Services 239-590-9829
- handyman Dennis Smiertka 239-919-0554 e-mail

Roof Cleaning
Your street representatives have decided not to enter into any bulk services for roof cleaning. We found a wide range of prices from $125. to $450. for one side of a Capri. The following are companies that we have talked with and have a good reputation:
- Gulf Western Roofing 239-949-9200 - $250-$275 - original installer of roof tiles in VillageWalk - better deal in summer months
- Colonial Roofing - local contact is Todd Pflaumer 239-458-1000 - bulk services $450 to $500 - in the area since 1978 - 2 year warranty - provides a complete report on your roof condition with photos
- Clean Up Group 455-2225 local rep lives in VillageWalk - Ray Desrocher 287-9160 - $395 - the company is the roof cleaning contractor for Disney in Orlando - uses Citra Shield BioCide (non toxic) which uses rain water to clean the roof - no buffing, no removal of tile color - will reclean if you are not satisfied

We do encourage you to protect yourself by hiring a licensed and insured contractor. It is recommended that you clean both roofs on a Capri at the same time - check with your attached neighbor. There is no set date when your roof should be cleaned as it depends on many factors. The VillageWalk Homeowners' Association in the next few years will set some type of policy on roof cleaning.

Street Party
Forty one owners attended the Vermillion Lane street party on Sunday April 12, 2015.. Great food and good conversation! See Vermillion Lane Photo Gallery for photos from past street parties. Jackie Hillen organized the event again this year and did a fabulous job again.
Neighborhood Association
Under the Covenants for the VillageWalk of Bonita Springs Homeowners Association there must be a Neighborhood Association for the street. The following description outlines the role of the Neighborhood Association.

- Residents vote for members of the Board of Directors and for changes to the Covenants. All other voting is done by the Voting Members of the Neighborhood Representative Committees from each Street Neighborhood.
- The Voting Members for the Neighborhood would represent and bring the votes from the homeowners of the neighborhood.
- Attend Association Committee Meetings.
- Assist residents in understanding Rules and Regulations to help to avoid violations and fines.
- Communicate to the Board all issues and concerns of your street. The Representatives act as liaisons to communicate Association / Board business to the homeowners and from the homeowners to the Association / Board.
- Schedule and prepare Notice of Meeting and Proxy for election of Neighborhood representatives each year.
- Notify the Home Owners Association office of any updates or changes that would pertain to the Neighborhood Committee.
- Coordinate social activities and events for your street, and if appropriate, with other Neighborhood Representatives.
Annual Street Meetings Minutes






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