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Tuesday, July 25, 2017 
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Thank you for choosing DiVosta Homes where for more than 40 years we have been delivering new homes. Because each of our more than 25,000 homeowners is important to us, we proudly continue our commitment to their satisfaction - the strong foundation on which we build.

DiVosta Homes wants you to be a Homeowner for Life therefore you will be delighted to know that our goal is to ensure that you are entirely comfortable with - and comfortable in - your new home. You can rest assured that we are dedicated to delivering an experience of a lifetime because we know that you will be filling your new home with many cherished memories.

Learn about all of the ways we've got you covered in our online DiVosta Protection Plan guide. Also, please refer to your Closing and Pre Closing Orientation information to understand the care and maintenance of your home. If your home is still under DiVosta's Protection Plan, please call the customer relations number given to you at the time of your Pre Closing Orientation.

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